extraordinary uses of an ordinary balloon


Protect a bandaged finger Bandaging an injury to your finger is easy; keeping the bandage dry as you go about your day can be a different story. Bur here's the secret to skipping those wet-bandage changes: just slip a small balloon over your finger when doing dishes, bathing or even simply washing your hands.
Keep track of your child Those inexpensive floating helium-filled balloons sold imost                             shopping malls can be more than just a treat for a youngster; they could be invaluable in                            locating a child who wanders off into a crowd. Even if you keep a close eye on your kids, you can                  buy a little peace of mind by simply tying (though not too tightly) a balloon to your child's wrist                   on those weekend shopping trips.
Make a party invitation How's this for an imaginative invitation? Inflate a balloon (for sanitar                                purposes, use an electric pump, if possible) . Pinch off the end, but don't tie a knot in it.                          Write your invitation details on the balloon with a bright permanent  marker; make sure the                    ink is dry before you deflate it. Place the balloon in an envelope and post one to each guest.                     When your guests receive it, they’ll have to blow it up to see what it says.
Transport cut flowers Don't bother with awkward, water-filled plastic bags and such when travelling                         with freshly cut flowers. Simply fill up a balloon with about 1/2 cup water and slip it over the                     cut ends of your flowers. Wrap a rubber band several times around the mouth of the balloon              to keep it from slipping off.
Use as a hat mould  To keep the shape in your freshly washed knitted cap or cloth hat, fit it over an inflated balloon while it dries. Use a piece of masking  tape co keep the balloon  from tilting over or falling onto the ground.
Mark your campsite Bring along several helium-filled balloons on your next camping trip to attach to your                      tent or a post. They'll make ieasier for the members of your party to locate your campsite i n a                         packed holiday resort.
Make an Ice pack  Looking for a flexible ice pack you can use for everything from icing a sore back to keeping food cold in your cooler? Fill a large, durable balloon with as much water as you need and put it in your freezer. You can even mould it to a certain extent into specific shapes-for example, put it under something flat like a box of pizza if you want a flat ice pack for your back. Use smaller latex balloons for maki ng smaller ice packs for lunch boxes, etc.
Freeze for cooler punch To keep your parry punch bowl cold and well filled, pour juice into several balloons (use a funnel) and place them in your freezer. When it's parry time, peel the latex off the ice and periodically drop a couple into the punch bowl. Rinse the balloons out first.
Repel unwanted garden visitors Put those old deflated shiny metallic balloons-the ones lying around your house from past birthday parties-  to work in your garden. Cut them into vertical strips and hang them from poles around your vegetables and on fruit trees to scare off invading birds and small animals.
Protect your rifle  A dirty rifle can jam up and just be downright dangerous to use. But you can keep dust and debris from accumulating in your rifle barrel by putting a sturdy latex balloon over the barrel's front end.

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